McKenzie’s Lightroom Presets

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Hooray! Editing just got a LOT easier. These presets will cut your editing time in half and make you look like a rockstar photographer! They’re easy to use and give you images that are bright, bold, and happy!

These Lightroom Presets will get you to 80%-90% to your finished image.

You may want to make small adjustments to:

1- Exposure, 2- Temperature 3 – Blacks.

I made a video for you!


2 reviews for McKenzie’s Lightroom Presets

  1. Summer Jackman (verified owner)

    ‘McKenzie Deakins you saved my life…I mean really. Holy moly! So I shot my first (very very small) wedding a couple of weeks ago and have been dreading editing them…but tonight I decided to try it with your presets and it saved me so much time it is insane. AND the presets helped me save some pictures I thought I wouldn’t be able to save! It was my first time using flash, so I didn’t really (and still don’t) know how to use it very well, and then during their “first kiss” my flash decided to not work so I thought that picture was for sure a goner! Thank you!!!! – Summer Jackman

  2. Ashley Henderson (verified owner)

    Hey McKenzie! You selling your presets finally made me decide to make the jump from Bridge/Camera Raw to Lightroom, which I’ve been wanting to learn for a long time. I edited some pictures last night from a recent vacation and I’m so excited about them! More than anything, I like what it’s teaching me about editing in general. I’d edit a picture the way I used to and then edit it in Lightroom using one of your presets and would compare the differences. Hands down I love the detail and life I get in all the pictures with your presets. I’ve been noticing some adjustments you make that I wasn’t making before that really make a big difference. So thank you! – Ashley Henderson

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